Winter Sowing

Winter Sowing @NoFarmNeeded

Winter Sowing @NoFarmNeeded

Winter Time is Fun!

Everyone waits for Spring to be their All-Star planting season…. but why not Winter? Winter Sowing is a great way to start your seedlings off right and take some of the work out of Spring planting. Besides, I’d find any excuse to get my hands dirty with soil, even when the snow starts to fall.

For Winter Sowing you are going to need:

  1. Plastic milk jugs
  2. Soil
  3. Scissors
  4. Duct Tape
  5. Sharpie
  6. Something to puncture plastic milk jugs ( I used corn holders)
  7. SEEDS!!!

A Note on What Seeds to Pick for Winter Sowing:

I normally start sowing in early January but you can start sowing whenever. I normally spread out my Winter sowing throughout January, February, and March; it really just depends on when I can get my hands on milk jugs. Cold weather crops will germinate earlier than other crops, so I normally will start my cool weather crops (like Brussel sprouts or cabbage) in January and then by March finish up sowing my tomatoes and peppers.

Make sure you don’t forget about your flowers! Perennials should be started early while annuals can be started later in the season.

Making Your Minature Greenhouses:

Get your Milk Jugs

Cut your milk jugs 1/3 of the way down. Make sure you have enough depth (I’d say about 3 inches) for your soil.

Cutting Open Milk Jug NoFarmNeeded

Puncture the bottoms of the containers so there is no water build up

Puncturing Holes NoFarmNeeded

Mix together your soil and water in a container (note: Keep the soil moist but not dripping wet).

Fill the containers up with soil, plant your seeds double the size of your seed down, and label the insides with what you had planted. (I have found that by writing the names on the inside of the container it does not weather away).


Duct tape the containers closed, making sure it is completely sealed.

Place outside and wait for Spring!

Winter Sowing @NoFarmNeeded

Ta-Da! You will be surprised how often you check these containers, looking for the little green sprouts to grow!

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