Walls of Green

Indoor Plant Decor NoFarmNeeded

Plant Decor Plant Decor

These magnificent plants,

(wait for it)

bring live art to your walls for the first time.

I almost want to coin the term wallscaping. A green wall inside your home… that’s also decorative…. it’s plant decor!

Plant Decor

Residing in a studio apartment, I envy the rooms above that hold patios. Outdoor space, where you can expand and push a garden onto the concrete floor.

Where others have dogs, cats, and fish, I have plants. Little green pets that still need to be watered and feed. They always add a smile to my face when I walk into the room.

But, how was I going to fit all the plants I wanted… into a space barely big enough for a bed? In the end, I decided that I love art, love plants, so why not combine the two? I give you plant decor, where apartment dwellers, cush home buyers, and trailer living lovers, can paint walls full of green.

Walls of Green

It begins with a bag. Canvas is preferable for the aerated holes. A staple gun, a piece of wood (Any size you think would be appropriate for your plant), and, of course, plants!

I love to use canvas bags I have acquired from different events! Reading is a strong passion of mine, where I received this bag at my library for attending a Penguin Publisher Event.

Cut old ties…

Bag for Wall Art NoFarmNeeded

  1. Cut the handles on the bag and set aside for later
  2. Scissor the bag in half making sure there is enough depth to hold soil ( I did hand’s length)

Wood’int you rather staple?



























Place the top of the bag in the center of the wood. Make sure to staple only the back side (so the bags not stapled)

The bottom should be done last to make sure it’s taut.

Tie the knot


On the back of your piece of wood, create a small knot with one of the leftover handles. You want the loop right in the middle of your board and the knot 2/3rds of the way up the board (with enough staples to hold it in place). If it is a longer piece of wood or you are planting a heavy plant, use two to three handles with even spacing.

Soil it!


Press the soil down, making sure you don’t add soil all the way to the top or water will run off.

Get Plant-y





Running with Green

A green thumb, a green heart, and now a green house (literally). You can paint the boards to be more intricate and add several plants to the design. Don’t paint the town red… paint it green, with living, breathing, plant decor!

4 thoughts on “Walls of Green

  1. Fake plants says:

    love the poste !!! love the vertical wall.
    I too have the same problem as you. Killing heat/sunshine over the summer months that burn my leaves and kill my plants. I am trying to think of a way to build a shelter for the plants from the sun.
    Thank you for your intelligent post and for helping others become more aware. You made more sense than others who speak within this same area of expertise and I am really glad I found your blog-website. I’ve joined your social networks and will keep an eye out for future great posts as well. Additionally, I have shared your site in my social networks as well. Thank you again!

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