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Recipes to Flavor Kombucha

The elixir of life, the drink of champions, kombucha is always my drink of choice.

If you are not familiar with drinking kombucha, it reminds me of fruit juice and seltzer water combined. A nice bubbly drink with a fruity twang.

I love it!

There are millions of ways to create your flavor of choice (I’m almost thinking billions of ways to flavor your Kombucha). My favorite is good ol fashioned grape. The recipes listed below have been perfected by the best taste buds in the world… mine (and my family’s of course).

Pick your poison (not literally, of course, kombucha is more like a life giver!). I’m sure you will find one you love.

Send me pictures of your own kombucha flavors and recipes. I always have room to try something new and if it’s that great you might find it decorating these walls.

Pinkies up and happy drinking!