To Contain A Garden

Container Gardening

To Contain a Garden

There are beasts in the garden. A vine, a weed, a busy week gone by in a blink of an eye. Gardens are filled with havoc. I am containing them.

Growing up, I was fortunate enough to be graced with a huge backyard. My family and I would tear it up every Mother’s Day to be able to grow our own vegetables and beautiful flowers. As I grew older, I learned not everyone has a yard or in fact a bit of land to grow flowers in.

When I started college I became a fanatic of container gardens. The perfect combination of chaos and calm. No plants were ever able to overtake it and weeds were non-existent. Now, as I sit in an apartment I find myself back in the swings of container gardening. I find container gardens to be the best garden. They are the right amount of soil and the perfect plant to brighten anyone’s day!

From the beginner gardener – to the expert green-thumb, everyone should container garden. Why? Because it is easy, fun, and you can put these containers anywhere.

The Perfect Pair….

For my container garden, I paired up with All-America Selections and Crescent Gardens. Both of these organizations bring the finest quality of products.

All-America Selections is a non-for-profit organization that brings you award-winning flowers and vegetables. These plants have been tested nationally across North America and proven locally in your own backyard. By using AAS Winners, you can be assured of superior garden performance. Including beautiful blooms in ornamentals, great taste in edibles, and perfect habit.  

Crescent Gardens designs and creates one-of-a-kind functional decorative products for your home and garden.

What I Used:

Pot: Crescent Garden Black Juno.


Salvia – Summer Jewel Lavender

Osteospermum – Akila Daisy White

Canna – South Pacific Scarlet

Gaura – Sparkle White

Zinnia – Profusion Double Hot Cherry

Zinnia – Profusion Double Deep Salmon

Strawberry – Delizz



Location, location, location. The main key. You can put container gardens,

  1. Patio
  2. Deck
  3. Dorm Room
  4. Window
  5. Front or back stoop
  6. Driveway
  7. Entryway
  8. Front yard/ back yard
  9. Porch
  10. Window Ledge

Anywhere there is a spot!

Canna NoFarmNeededZinnia NoFarmNeededPollinators NoFarmNeeded



Main Things to Remember:

  1. Create your Container Garden with a Theme in mind. I wanted to attract pollinators, so my use of bright reds like Cannas allows me to attract bees and bats.
  2. Know the space you’re going to put the container. I’m not only talking about the location but also how much sun will it receive? How often will you need to water? Is it for the indoors or outdoors? This will decide what plants you use.
  3. THE 3 KEYS: Spiller, Thriller, and Height.
    1. Spiller: A plant to hang over your pot
    2. Thriller: A plant that is unique, different petal pattern or color
    3. Height: You need a plant that is tall in the middle with a gradual decrease in height of other flowers.

Photo Jun 22, 8 38 41 AMZinnia Salmon AAS Winner


To Tangle With A Beast

A beast is not a beast once it’s contained. Container gardens bring you the least amount of worry in a garden. They can be taken anywhere and if forgotten about for a week, are easily managed in fifteen minutes. Container gardens allow me to grow what I want where-ever and let me dream about what my future garden will look like.

You can’t go wrong with container gardens, make your garden happen no matter what you have. You don’t need a farm or a garden plot to do it! Just one container.  


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