Succulent Haven

Create your own Succulent Haven with these easy tips…

When You Have Had Enough, it’s hard to create a Succulent Haven…

I feel like I can grow anything. Really, hand me some seeds and I will try my best to get those things sprouting. Keeping alive plants is what I pride myself on (after all… the plant tries it’s hardest to live as well!).

For succulents, I want to kick them across the lawn. These temperamental fleshy greens are on the bottom of my “to keep alive” list. Why? Like many others I cannot seem to keep these things from going all ways to Sunday.

BUT…. through out the years I have found a fool proof way to keep them growing and to create my own Succulent Haven. Through trying different soil, water, and light amounts; succulents have been slowly crawling back into my heart.

Easy Tips for Succulent Care

Tips for Planting a Succulent Haven with NoFarmNeeded


Contrary to Popular Belief to creating a Succulent Haven

… the Sun is not always your friend.

Sun is not your friend when you are creating a succulent haven - NoFarmNeeded

Succulents do not need full sun. I mean straight, 90 degree full blast of the suns rays. You will fry the fleshy succulent until there there is nothing left. Leave them in part shade, underneath an awning or on a patio deck. If indoors place them on a counter for afternoon light.

… water can be your downfall.

Water NoFarmNeeded

Don’t spray your succulents with water! This mist is not enough water to keep your succulent alive (let alone you). Give your plant a nice gulp of water every week. Making sure the soil gets moist, enough that if you stuck your finger an inch down in it, it would still be wet.


Try, Try, Try Again

Happy Succulents are the best when creating your Succulent Haven NoFarmNeeded

If you don’t keep them alive the first time… try again. I admit that succulents are very cool plants. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures. Just make sure, they are not the first plant in your garden. Temperamental they can be, and I would hate for someone to give up gardening just because they cannot get succulents to look good. Another indoor plant to try is the popular Air Plant, read more about these fun plants here.

Happy Succulent NoFarmNeeded

3 thoughts on “Succulent Haven

  1. Sherraine says:

    I remember I bought two succulents because I heard they were easy to grow, and then two other plants that I thought I was going to have to baby to death (or life, I suppose). It turned out the succulents were the hardest part! I eventually killed them, and I’m not even sure how. Currently in North Dakota where I don’t think I get enough sun to keep anything alive, but hoping to try again once I move this summer.

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