My Favorite Flowers to Press in a Book

Favorite Flowers to Press

An ode to my favorite flowers to press. I am a pressing flower fanatic where this list shows you what flowers are great to put between books, newspapers, or in kitty litter!

Let’s start from the back.

Number 5 

First is the worst, second is the best, the fifth is the one adorning a polka-dot dress.

Vinca NoFarmNeeded

Vinca is a nice flash of color. A flower that does well in shade and part sun. It is also a flower almost everyone has. Vinca is my fifth favorite flower to press because it’s an easy flower for beginners. Being thin and readily available makes it a great first flower to press. It keeps it’s color after the first press and works well for accent pieces in designs.

Rolling Down to Number 4

Is it a lion, a dragon, a sad flower? Pansies are one of my favorite faces of nature!

Pansies NoFarmNeeded

Pansies are one of the best flowers to press. They come in a range of color, variety, and sizes. Honestly, if I could I would press every pansy I see. Once pressed they look the same and are a nice pallet for any color combo. Need a purple and a yellow flower? Pansies have got you covered. I have found that using the Iron is the best way to press these bad boys!

It’s Time For Number 3

A mini Baptisia bush. My favorite flower. The color of spring resounds with Lupin.

Lupin NoFarmNeeded

Pressing Lupin is as easy as 1, 2,3. When I find Lupin flowering in my garden, I just pop it straight into a book. With little moisture and high color intensity, Lupin presses beautifully. I just recently used Lupin in this pressed flower clock.

Pressed Flower Clock NoFarmNeeded

Beautiful isn’t it?

Down to Fingers for Number 2

A pollinator magnet, a bush adorned with flowers, Butterfly Bush. This plant attracts a variety of pollinators, it attracts me for its look. Press these flowers between books, newspaper, or in a tub filled with silica gel, these flowers will put a smile on your face every time. Pressing butterfly bushes are a great way to get people aware of pollinators. Showing others your works of art with these will get them putting butterfly bushes in their own backyard. (Remember not to press all of them, you do want flowers left for the pollinators!)

Butterfly Bush NoFarmNeeded

My Number 1

Pincushion Flower NoFarmNeeded

Not rare but also, not common. Pincushion flower (Scabiosa) is my all-time favorite flower to press. I love the texture the petals make when they are filling out the outer rim and the scrunched inside of the rays. You can press a pincushion flower instantly, with barely any weight. It’s easy and brings a new texture to a bouquet of flowers.

Have a favorite flower to press? Leave a comment below! These were my top 5 favorite flowers to press!

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