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Pressed Flower Wedding Designer

21st Century Pressed and Dried Flower Expert. 

“Grandmillennial Designer” 

Bouquets are a central part of any Wedding. You’ve spent so much time (and money) making the perfect flower choices with colors that match. How can you let your bouquet go after the big day?

With 6 years of experience drying and arranging pressed flower art, I can turn you wedding bouquet into a one-of-a-kind Pressed Botanical Design to be cherished for a lifetime. In short, this is not the way your Grandmother pressed and dried flowers. It’s pressed and dried flower arrangements for the 21st century.

*hint**hint* I work with any flower to create a Pressed Botanical Keepsake! Grooms boutonniere’s, Maid of Honor bouquets, or even floral table displays.

Any flower can be turned into a Pressed Botanical Keepsake! Whether your bouquet is full of textured foliage, roses, or berries, I design with you in mind. Please reach out for questions.

Wedding Gifts

Wedding Party Gifts

Looking for a unique way to say “Thank You!”? Create floral keepsakes for your Parents, In-Laws, Groomsmen, or Bridesmaids.

Turning a Bouquet into a Lasting Memory

Pressed flowers can be such a statement and conversation piece!

Carrie’s New Year’s Eve Wedding Flowers, featured below, turned out BEAUTIFULLY! I loved pressing her white roses and purple button flowers. A very nice touch of evergreens. 🙂 Ringing in 2021 with a Pressed Botanical Bouquet. Can you believe they will dry to fit between two panes of glass?

dried botanical flowers

Pressed Flower Wedding Arrangement

Dried Flower Wedding

“Love my Pressed Flower Wedding Arrangement! I had this bouquet sitting in my bedroom collecting dust for 3 years. NoFarmNeeded was able to transform it into a piece of art and a true memory to cherish.” – Cassie

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue…

Your floral keepsake can be designed for the contemporary bride as well as the bride who loves Traditional or Victorian decor and every style in between!

Every piece of art is created with the client in mind, no two are alike. For unique and personalized pieces enquire below.

Amanda’s Bouquet was a lot of fun! The textured foliage when pressed, makes her white dahlias really pop. Is it just me? Or is this piece is ready to make a statement?

Pressed Wedding Flowers - Full Bouquet (1)

Dried Wedding Arrangement - Shadow Box

Wedding Flowers - Shadow Box

“I am so grateful for NoFarmNeeded (now Capturing Blooms)! I’m thankful my beautiful bouquet from the best day of my life could be saved for me to cherish” – Karissa

A Perfect Gift to Say “Thank You” – Pressed Keepsakes

A lot of work goes into any wedding. Need a personalized keepsake to thank everyone involved? Pressed Botanical Keepsake Designs can be created from pieces of your wedding bouquet or any flower display. Something a little more special than a hug or thank you card. Give them a piece of your wedding, after all, it wouldn’t be possible without them!

I work with any size party. Whether its just for your Parents & In-Laws, I can work with you to create beautiful Pressed Flower Keepsakes.

Thank You Keepsake NoFarmNeeded

I look forward to working with you on your pressed flower design. Please take a moment to read our Pressed Design Care Instructions and our Custom Design Policy.

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    Make Unique Artwork from Your Own Wedding Flowers