Care and Handling Instructions for Your Pressed Flower Design 

1. Each pressed flower design is a unique work of art. As being such, you trust my skill with floral design to create a beautiful piece using your flowers.

2. I do not use any paints or dyes. Dark flowers like purple or red will deepen in color, while whites will turn into a light cream. This is a natural process.

3. Pressed flowers have more depth than a sheet of paper, therefore your arrangement will not be flush to the glass. Your arrangement is pressed between two glass panes, not affixed to the glass.

4. Keep out of direct sunlight

5. Keep out of areas with a lot of moisture like bathrooms and basements.

6. Do not shake or drop the arrangement, the glass will break and the arrangement will move.

7. Do not open the flower design. Some arrangements do have latches. Please do not at any point move the latch.

8. To clean the arrangement, lay on a flat surface and gently wipe with a damp paper towel. Do not spray glass cleaner directly on the glass as this can damage the design.

9. Please carefully look over your custom design once it has arrived. If anything needs to be fixed, please contact me directly within 24 hours of receiving the arrangement.

10. If something happens after 24 hours, Capturing Blooms/NoFarmNeeded will be happy to fix it for a fee.