A Passion for Pressed & Dried Florals

pressed four leaf clover NoFarmNeeded

Not the Way Your Grandma Pressed

My grandma’s backyard was a wild domain. I would spend my summers finding four-leaf clovers among her swaths of wildflowers.  These “lucky” clovers were immediately pressed between giant dictionaries and, once dry, stowed in jean pockets the day of a major exam.

For many people, pressing flowers is stuck in our “Grandma’s” era. But it’s time to bring it forward, shed a light on pressing flowers, and get ready for the 21st Century Pressed Floral Design.

With a Knowledge of Plants…

Let’s start off with a basic fact…. We are two horticulturalists. Yes, people who actually went to school learning all plant’s fleshy green features.

With this knowledge, we have found our passion for plants, gardening, and yes, even flowers, a bit lacking in others….. alright, a lot of others. How do we solve this issue? By creating Pressed & Dried Floral designs geared for people to bring the outdoors in. A sprinkle of nature in every morning coffee. 

As our company grew, we found a special niche for helping brides preserve their wedding flowers. And our one-of-a-kind pressed floral keepsakes have expanded for almost every type of significant event where flowers are present — weddings, funerals, memorials, and events of every type.

Two Horticulturists - Allison Zeeb and Gail Pabst -No Farm Needed

21st Century Pressed & Dried Flowers

Honestly, the idea sparked like wildfire. Getting people passionate about plants pushed me to create work dedicated to flower power. Pressed & Dried Flowers is my way to connect people with nature, bring them back to the outdoors.

Yellow Dried Botanical Pin NoFarmNeeded
Wedding Flowers - Shadow Box
pressed botanical desk frame

Grandmillennial Floral Design

The newly dubbed “Grandmillennial” home decor combines the traditional pretty of grandma’s home with the bright, clean look of modern design. Increasingly popular, this style elevates the use of patterned wallpaper, needlepoint pillows, and frames filled with press flowers. (our favorite part!)

Flowers NoFarmNeeded