Pressed Botanicals for Unique Holiday Gifts

Pressed Botanical Holiday Gift Ideas

Holiday Gift Ideas

Bring the outdoors in this Holiday season by giving Pressed Botanical Designs & Houseplant Gifts! Our Top 5 best gifts to give this Holiday season will make your spaces brighter and more beautiful… and with just a hint of Grandmillennial Design. It’s time to end this year on a high note!

“Grandmillennial” Design

The newly dubbed “Grandmillennial” home decor combines the traditional pretty of grandma’s home with the bright, clean look of modern design. Increasingly popular, this style elevates the use of patterned wallpaper, needlepoint pillows, and frames filled with press flowers. (our favorite part!)

pressed botanical desk frame
Wedding Flowers - Shadow Box
Flower Bouquet Pressed Botanical
Press Flower techniques

5 One-Of-A-Kind Holiday Gifts

1. Dried Botanical Ornaments

Deck the halls with bells and … flowers! Pressing flowers into keepsakes. Glass ornaments won’t be the only thing hanging from your tree this year!

Perfect for ornament exchanges, holiday parties, or to spruce up any Christmas tree. These ornaments will bring the outdoors in this Holiday season.

2. 15 Years-Old Tillandsia ‘Curly Slim’ – Hanging Rustic Wooden Post

One-of-a-kind ‘Curly Slim’ Tillandsia, perfect for any plant lover (or soon to be!). As an air plant, Tillandsias require minimum care, yet will bring maximum “wow” where ever you place it. Why hang a picture, when you can hang a live plant in its place? Even better, it fits into any space.

– 15-year-old Tillandsia!
– Securely placed on a rustic wooden post
– Curly Silver Foliage
– As a plant, this tillandsia will liven up any space by cleaning up the air
– To keep the leaves tightly curled up, avoid frequent or long soakings.

3. Pressed Botanical Keepsake Cube

A perfect flower keepsake that comes in a small box. This pressed botanical cube fits into any location, from office desks to window sills, this pressed flower keepsake can even be housed on a bedroom nightstand!

Each cube holds a perfect flower arrangement. Keep a part of nature with you all year, whether it be fall leaves or winter snow. Pressed flowers last a lifetime.

Each flower is handpicked and dried 3-4 weeks before being artfully arranged into a shadow box. Like nature, no two cubes are alike. Makes a perfect pressed botanical holiday gift!

4. Grow Your Own Tea! – 4″ Camellia sinensis Live Plant

Grow your own tea at home! This 4″ tea plant is great for patios or containers. Apartment lifestyle lover? No problem! This plant thrives in full sun to partial shade and can be grown year-round. Hardy to zone 7 outside, if you are in zone 6, 5, 4 or lower, bring the plants indoors during winter.

Freshly made tea is much more flavorful and higher in antioxidants than tea that has been packaged and sitting in stores. This tea plant is perfect for green, black, and oolong tea. Add your own herbs to create wonderful tea tonics.

Tea is produced by harvesting the tips of the branches and then drying the leaves. Tips can be harvested every couple of weeks; the larger the plant gets, the bigger the volume of tea harvested.

5. Pressed Botanical Wedding Bouquet

With 6 years of experience drying and arranging pressed flower art, I create one-of-a-kind pressed flower wedding bouquets to be cherished for a lifetime.

Your floral keepsake can be designed for the contemporary bride as well as the bride who loves Traditional or Victorian decor and every style in between!

Every piece of art is created with the client in mind, no two are alike. For unique and personalized pieces enquire below.

*Hint* *Hint* *Hint*

ed & Green Handmade Holiday Bows

People forget that the best part of unwrapping a present is the wrapping it comes in! Make your gifts stand out this Holiday season with these Holiday bows.

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Make the best of your holidays with these pressed botanical holiday gifts!

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