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That’s right, a PON-tainer.

Literally, a container garden specifically designed for water plants. I wanted a pond but, being how expensive they are to build and upkeep, I decided to build a smaller container version.

Hence, pontainer.

Pontainer 1 -NoFarmNeeded


These pontainers are great to fit on any patio, in a garden, or even in your bedroom(depending on how small you make yours).

To create these magnificent beasts, you really only need 4 things…

  1. A container, doesn’t matter the size
  2. Plants (water plants preferably)
  3. Rocks
  4. Empty containers depending on which plants you use

Now, for the creation.


  • Make sure your pots and plants fit inside the container. Lay it out, get a visual for what you want.

Pontainer 8 -NoFarmNeeded

Second, (skip if #4 does not pertain to you)

  • Hot melt glue your empty containers to your water container. Pontainer 7 -NoFarmNeeded


  • Add rocks to the bottom of the container

Pontainer 3 - NoFarmNeeded


  • Put your water plants in the container (if true water plants you will not need any soil for them)
  • I left mine in the container because the Caladium I used needs to be kept partially above the water. So , I hot melt glued my plants in their containers ,to the other empty containers already on the bottom

Pontainer 11 - NoFarmNeeded


  • Slowly add your water
[wpvideo 19BTUivp]


Pontainer 4 -NoFarmNeeded

Seriously, I am loving my movable pond. Not only am I able to attract other insects to my backyard but it brings me closer to nature.

Sustainability wise these ponds brings another type of habitat to my surroundings. For example, it promotes frogs whom then eat Mosquitoes = less bug bites.

Isn’t it awesome?!

When your done making your pontainer, I would love to see the pictures.

Pontainer 1 -NoFarmNeeded

2 thoughts on “Pontainer!

  1. Alicia Wright says:

    I love this idea, but could it actually increase the mosquito population? I’m just thinking of how they’re always saying to dump out standing water because of mosquitoes.

    • NoFarmNeeded says:

      Thanks for the question. We suggest that you dump the water out weekly and refill with new. Remove the plants in their pots, dump the water and refill.

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