Pallet Gardening


Vertical Garden 101

What are vertical gardens? A phrase thrown around nowadays like green roofs and winter sowing (both wonderful in their own right!). Vertical gardens are gardens that hang vertically.

They line walls, adorn driveways, and can hang off of roofs. A garden easily reachable and versatile for what it can hold. Vertical gardens are container gardens on steroids. The best part of gardening now flipped on its’ side.

Pallet Gardening

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The basis for pallet gardening starts with the pallet. Not as easy to get as I had hoped. I scoured my neighborhood for weeks looking for a sign that a pallet was there. My wish came true on a rainy Tuesday, where my morning walk brightened when I saw a pallet lazy leaning against trash.

Although my adventure to get a pallet was weeks in the making, you can probably find one easier. For starters, you can make your own. Pallets are just pieces of wood stuck together with nails. You could even find them in the back of grocery stores, at your work, or even digging through other’s trash.

The only thing to worry about is what’s on your pallet. A lot of pallets come stained and adorned with chemicals. These chemicals will seep into your soil and then into your plants. Make sure your pallet is chemical free before starting! Look for HT stamp, this symbolizes that the pallet was heated treated instead of chemically treated.

Creating Your Garden


  1. Landscape fabric
  2. Staple Gun
  3. Gloves (so you do not get splinters!)
  4. Soil
  5. Wood Chips
  6. Plants
  7. Spray Paint (optional)

I spray painted the outside of my pallet before I began. Why? First off I love to spray paint and secondly, it adds a punch of color. Make sure to spray paint the outside only, as to not get the paint where your soil and plants will sit.


First and foremost, stretch your landscape fabric against the back of the pallet and then staple the fabric to the back. I laid the landscape fabric on top of the pallet’s bottom to get a tight fit.  Once you have stapled all the way around, do the same process again two to three times. This gives you a sturdy back to use.


Secondly, staple both the top and the bottom of your fabric. You don’t want any soil to come out of the ends.


The hard part is over, let’s go crazy and add soil and wood chips! Before putting your pallet on the ground, add wood chips through the top. This helps drainage.

Adding Wood Chips NoFarmNeeded

Now for the fun part…. let’s soil it!

Finally, let’s seed it up! Add whatever you want. I put in container zucchini, green beans, verbena, lettuce, and kale! What will you add?

You can also add starter plants. For example, ready to plant in lettuce, broccoli, or strawberries.


… Two weeks later!

Veggies in Pallet NoFarmNeeded

What will you put in your pallet?!

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  1. hamfiction says:

    This is great, I think I am going to put in lettuce and hang it close to my table so that when I go out for lunch it is there! Love this fun idea, now all I have to do is find a pallet!

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