Farmers Market

If I died and went to heaven, heaven would include this market.


WI Madison’s farmers market, let me tell you  . . .


This market is one of the largest in the country, so large that it wraps around their capital building.  I’d say if you were a food lover, locally grown fanatic, or an outdoor walker this spot is for you.

Each stall brought something different to the table. Cucumbers on one, apples on another, even pumpkin flowers scattered about.


Put it on the top of your to do list, because you have never seen anything like this.

I’ll give you the run down on some stalls. Each one brought something different, though a lot had vegetables (what else would you expect?),


My favorite were the Leeks in the top left hand corner. Leeks (which are part of the onion family), bring a new flavor to your dish. Not really onion-y per say but defiantly fresh, I cannot wait to make soup with them!


These apples, I have stashed away in my bag…. Keep them away from the vultures. One of the first apples I have seen this season (Makes me excited for Fall). An apple a day keeps the doctor away and I plan on having these apples with peanut butter .

Finally, the squash. A lot and a lot and a lot of squash.


I already have a plethora growing at home, however I couldn’t pass up on the octopus ones. Not sure if I should eat them or keep them as decoration.

The Madison Farmers Market is number 1 on my Farmers Market to-do-list . . . Have you gone?

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