Let’s Try Something New!

It’s time to,

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I am tired of the old, I am tired of the overly used, so let’s try something new!

Gardening time is officially here. In the air, through the earth with new buds, inspiring me to try something new.

Every year, I try to plant something new in my garden. Last year I grew a patch of AAS Super Moon pumpkins. And (much to my surprise) they overtook my backyard with their twisting vines. Though, I happily carved the pumpkins in the Fall instead of buying ones from the store.

But what about this year? What’s new? The cutting edge plants in gardening, something that is unusual and not found in everyone’s backyard.

This year… I found three.

The Loofah

Loofah 01.jpg

The what? Isn’t it a sponge. To be honest, I had no idea where loofahs came from. Right off the bat, I guessed they came from the ocean. Doesn’t it sound like it should?  I mean people use them in the shower! It could be a sea sponge.

Much to my surprise, I can grow them from seed.

I bought a pack of Loofah seeds from Reene’s Garden. With the instructions on the back as my guidelines, I dug right in. Will they work? How will they dry? Well, let’s find out. I wouldn’t mind having several loofahs in my shower this year.

My little Loofah seedlings have started to grow in their containers. It’s about time to transplant them into my garden!

AAS Evening Sensation Petunia


A flower is not only planted for its beauty but also for its scent. This puppy has got some perfumes coursing through it.

Petunias are very easy to grow. A flower that thrives in Sun or Part Shade, I have found that petunias are staples in the garden. They bring a pop of color on the ground or hanging gracefully down containers or hanging baskets.

Petunias are also pollinator magnets.

I am trying AAS Evening Sensation Petunia because the name sells me! What scent does it produce? Does it waft off the ground? My hope is to bottle the scent by July! The color is also supposed to be phenomenal. One of the best blues on the market, I want to see if this color stands up to the description. Does it truly look blue …. or deep purple?


Petunia Seedlings NoFarmNeeded

My petunias, happily growing in a basket to then cascade over the sides. A pop of interest at the front door.

Hibiscus Zinger

Zinger Hib.jpg

In the morning, I sit down with a steaming cup of green tea while I read the newspaper. By afternoon, I round out lunch with English Breakfast and when dinner rolls around, I go for herbal peppermint. I have so much tea, I bet my blood’s almost half tea.

Zinger Hibiscus grows to be a tea plant. Apparently, you use the flowers to produce Hibiscus flavor tea. I am sure it will be a delight, heck even if it is not, the flowers are still beautiful.

I wanted to plant something I could use in a different manner. Everyone knows about eating tomatoes from the garden or picking cucumbers right off of the vine. Why not drink something? A nice fruity flavor to bring you straight into the summer feels.

Stay tuned to see how the tea tastes!

I think my favorite thing about the Zinger Hibiscus seedlings so far are their leaves. The edges are slightly crinkled.

Time to Plant

It’s the year of the new. And my garden will show just that.

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