The Language of Flowers – Decoding Their Secret Meaning

The Language of Flowers

Language of Flowers Meaning, Decoding

Understanding Flowers Secret Meaning

Everyone is touched by flowers. You can’t help but smile at their joyful blooms. Did you know that there is a subtle secret meaning each flower exudes? Almost as if each flower has their own language, waiting to be spoken by you. Throughout the centuries, many cultures have attached a special meaning to different flowers. Roses for example, spark passion. While dahlias bring out the joy in all of us.

Want to try learning the language of flowers? Here’s your own Floral Dictionary to start decoding the meaning of each bloom.

Floral Dictionary – Decoding the Special Meaning of Each Flower

Sources vary on what different flowers symbolize – this is an art, not a science – I’ve tried to take the best meaning from several different cultures.

Flower Dictionary

5 Flowers – 5 Secrets to Decode

Shasta Daisy

The Shasta Daisy is a simple white flower with a small yellow center. In modern Paganism, Daisies symbolize the sun. Notice how they appear like stars or suns in summer beds.

Daisies symbolize:

  • New Beginnings
  • True Love – because each daisy flower is really two flowers blended together in harmony.
Shasta Daisy Flower Meaning

Shasta Keepsake

Shasta Daisy Keepsake Cube


Delphiniums are the most refined meadow flower! You might also know them as Lark’s Spur, Knight’s Spur, Larkspur, or Bird’s Claw. The Delphinium name is derived from the Greek word for dolphin, which can be seen when you pick up single flower the bloom. It looks like a leaping dolphin from the side!

Delphiniums symbolize:

  • Reaching for your goals
  • Expanding your options and attracting new opportunities
  • Protection against dangers
  • Openness to new emotions and feelings
  • Enjoying the lighter side of life
  • Celebrating positivity

Delphinium Keepsake

Delphinium Keepsake Cube

Delphinium Language of Flowers

Purple Clematis

The Clematis flowers symbolizes the beauty of ingenuity or the trait of artifice. Many experts have suggested that it’s wonderful and clever ability to climb around places, such as walls or trellises, makes them perfect spots of ingenuity.

Clematis symbolize:

  • The beauty of mental strength
Clematis Language of Flowers

Clematis Keepsake

Clematis Keepsake Cube


Throughout history, the Hydrangea is Japans most significant flower. Many people believe the flower originated there. According to a Japanese legend, the Hydrangea is associated with heartfelt emotion, gratitude for understanding, and apology.

Pink Hydrangeas symbolize:

  • Heartfelt emotion

Blue Hydrangeas symbolize:

  • Frigidity and apology

White Hydrangeas symbolize:

  • Boasting or bragging.

Hydrangea Keepsake

Hydrangea Keepsake Cube

Hydrangea Language of Flowers


Coreopsis flowers were once boiled into teas by the Native Americans, where they used this plant to protect a person from being hit by lightning. Keep it around you to remind you of happy summer days!

Coreopsis symbolize:

  • Cheerfulness and love
Coreopsis Language of Flowers

Coreopsis Keepsake

A Small Taste of a Secret Language

A language only a flower could know? For these five we were able to delve into their secret meaning.

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Language of Flowers Meaning, Decoding

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