Knot Your Average Hanging Basket

It’s All About the Knot

Surprisingly, I do not plan on using so many knots in my blog posts. I have sprinkled this word into titles, in descriptions, and in simple DIY steps. A word I rarely use outside of this computer screen, I feel like it is almost necessary to bring knot into my daily life.

“What’s the weather like today”, someone will ask and I will reply, “My stomach is in knots because of the downpour”. Will my stomach be in knots? Probably not. Added to the fact that I will look like a nut case if it’s not raining.

Too many knots in two paragraphs. A great way to start a post.. especially one about macramé, which roughly translates to “ropes tied together with knots.”

I am knot even joking.

Macramé Hanging Baskets

Macrame NoFarmNeeded

Almost overnight, these hanging baskets took the world by storm. In grocery stores, trade shows, and online, Macramé hanging baskets are making a come back. A huge comeback.

Before you go out and buy one, follow these simple steps to create your own. It’s significantly cheaper and a great stress reliever. Or skip the steps and check out NoFarmNeeded on Etsy to get a few of your own!

Let’s Rope You In

Macrame Material NoFarmNeeded

Materials Needed

  1. Rope
  2. Flower Pot ( the one you want your plants to go in)
  3. Scissors
  4. Tape


Cut your rope into 8 equal size strings then tie the ends together. Always assume you need more length than you actually do… I did my arm span.


Separate your rope into 4 groups of 2 (make sure everyone has a buddy!)

rope laid out NoFarmNeeded


Tie your buddies together

rope knot nofarmneeded


Tape the top down, creating the start of a great fort



Like everyone else, the pairs you created like to mingle. Right pairs tie to their neighbors left at the base’s edge


The marriage is back on! Tie your original buddies together in the middle of your pot.



Tap it down

Macrame NoFarmNeeded


Now they miss their previous pairs. Pair the side buddies back together at the lip of your pot

IMG_3630 (002)


Enough choosing sides, remove the tape from the final product

removing tape nofarmneeded


Plan where you are putting your container to know how much length you need your pot to hang. Once decided knot all 8 strings together.

macrame pot nofarmneeded


Tying the Last Knot

Macramé pots are easy to make and look great hanging anywhere around your house or office. Not really into making them yourself? Go to my Etsy shop NoFarmNeeded, to get your hands on a few. At least you know who made them!

That’s it… finally ending with the last knot.

Hanging Macrame NoFarmNeeded

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