Goldenrod vs. Ragweed

Goldenrod vs Ragweed @NoFarmNeeded

Is it just a Guessing Game?

The ultimate throw down.

Goldenrod vs Ragweed @NoFarmNeeded

In one corner Goldenrod,

and in the other,


Two plants that get mistaken for the same thing. Is Goldenrod the culprit for all of our allergy problems, the weed that spreads everywhere, or is it a pollinator haven?


For me, Goldenrod is one of the best native plants around.

For you… guess is, you pull it out without realizing your mistake.

Goldenrod is a wonderful native plant that can be found almost anywhere. From meadows, prairies, savannahs to compost piles, backyards, and forest floors.

It brings pollinators galore and supports a lot of their food supply during the Fall months.

Without Goldenrod,  bees, bugs, and other pollinators would go hungry. In addition, a lot of caterpillars feed off their nectar making Goldenrod a nursery for young butterflies.

But how do you tell the difference?

prairie goldenrod ragweed nofarmneeded
In a prairie …. who knows?


Here are 3 clear cut ways to never get them confused again:

  1. Ragweed has green flowers while Goldenrod has golden.

2. Ragweed is a leafy green plant (i.e. they have different leaves) while Goldenrod leaves have no leaf stem and small teeth around the edges.

3. Goldenrod is pollinated by insects, Ragweed by the wind.

Insect pollination goldenrod NoFarmNeeded

Got it?

Good…. so stop pulling out your Goldenrod. Let those golden flowers flow.

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