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Seasonal Subscription Box

The Secret Behind The Box

What happens when you get two plant fanatics with degrees in horticulture together?

A box that brings forth growable plants… no greenhouse or green thumb required.

For Beautiful Plants!

Fall Seasonal Box

Perfectly tailored flowers and vegetables guaranteed to grow this fall

All Seasons Subscription Box

Flowers, Vegetables and Garden Goodies dropped off at your doorstep every 3 months.

We Want You!

Calling All…

Apartment dwellers, overflowing balcony lovers, and plant parents to get some soil underneath your fingernails.

Only The Best

These varieties are Non-GMO, Pollinator Friendly, and include flowers of beauty and veggies to eat! Unleash the #plantparent within you and start your summer box now.

Get Your Fall Box Here! or Garden All Year Here!

Why You’ll Love it!

Garden Like A Boss

All Year!

Like any good garden we are environmentally friendly. Each box is recyclable, including compostable pots and plastic free packaging.

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