Four-aging Through MANTS


The middle of January in Baltimore… just where I want to be. I swear every convention chooses to be positioned in that city’s worst month. Baltimore during a cold spell? Why not. I might as well leave the comfort of 60 degrees in California.

M-id A-tlantic N-ursery T-rade S-how

If you’re at MANTS, you are there to see and meet everyone and anyone interested in the nursery business. Every aisle is jammed packed, filled to the brim like a swimming pool on a 100-degree day.


To wade our way through this pool, I have picked just four of my favorite spots to visit at MANTS. With it being my first year there, it was hard to choose!


Botanical Interests

Honestly, my one stop shop for seeds. Botanical Interests has a lot of unique seeds that I could find nowhere else. The best part? You can find packets that are Organic! I think this year I might try their “chocolate” garden. Yum.

The booth was chock full of seed packets. I want to try them all… but alas I don’t have a garden big enough.

botanicals2 (1).jpg


Root Pouch

Fabric planting containers made from recycled plastic water bottles. Do I need to say more? It has everything I am a fan of recycling, planting, and containers. What can I say? I love the idea!

When I stopped by their booth, I was able to get my hands on one of the pouches. This weekend, I’m getting my hands dirty to plant.



I Must Garden (yes, it’s the name)


As a huge fan of plants, I have been trying for years to find ways to use essential oils in my garden! This solves my problem. When I stopped by their booth, several people were waiting to answer my questions. First off… how is this possible? I want some!

So now I’ll be using essential oils in my house and in my garden. In the garden, spraying the oils on my plants to deter pests… it’s the best of both worlds.





As an avid gardener, everyone knows the soil is what makes a plant. The holy grail of gardening. What’s unique about PittMoss (yes, not peat moss), is that it is made from recycled material like newspapers. And there is that word again, recycled. A word that grabs my attention instantly because I’m passionate about it. PittMoss is interesting and distinct, a soil I can’t wait to use it!



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