Fall Sowing – Garlic

Fall Sowing Garlic

How to Sow Garlic this Fall

Garlic… delicious! I could eat garlic in everything and on anything, and for the most part, I do!

Really could you think of anything garlic wouldn’t taste good in?

One of the best ways to use garlic in the kitchen is growing it yourself. For me, that’s a no-brainer. Everything tastes better and is better for you when you pick it out of your own backyard.

But, how do you go about Fall sowing?

To get garlic started in your garden, I recommend sowing it in early Fall. This year I will be planting mine at the beginning of September and harvesting in July.

Fall sowing is quite similar to Spring sowing except, your planting vegetables/plants that need a winter dormancy.

Garlic flourishes with a winter dormancy, one of the main reasons why is because it is a bulb.


When planting garlic there are a few tips to follow,

  1. You want larger garlic cloves because they will be ready to harvest next year. If it is too small, it might take two years to turn into a garlic clove.
  2. Cut off the flower heads when they appear
  3. You only need to water this plant when there is a drought. Garlic is pretty resilient to heat.
  4. Garlic is usually ready to harvest in late July (but depends on your growing season)
  5. When the bottom leaves start to yellow they are ready to harvest.


To Fall Sew,

Take your garlic and peel them into individual cloves,


Remember, each garlic clove will produce its own bulb!


Pick out where you want to plant them (somewhere where  you will remember them in Spring). I’m planting mine between my lavender plants.

Area for planting Fall sewing Garlic

If you want them in rows make sure to plant them 2 – 6 inches apart.


Dig a hole 2 inches deep – then put your garlic tip side up,


You don’t need to cover your garlic under a large amount of dirt. Really, it just needs to be barely under the soil.

Fall garlic

Then…. it’s a waiting game! With one task done, you can mark off the amount of veggie’s you need to plant this Spring.

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  1. Rich Bergmann says:

    What a great idea. Thanks for walking thru each step. The way it was presented makes me think that I can do this and will try it.
    Please continue to post. Looking forward to more ideas.

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