Eco Dyeing

Eco Dyeing NoFarmNeeded

A science experiment. An art form. A way of gardening. A stain, that will never be removed.

Alright, I’ll admit. This came to me when I was eating spaghetti and had sauce smeared all over my white shirt. Why? Well… I’m not sure why I was wearing a white shirt but, I do remember why I thought of flowering dyeing. Tomato sauce stains.

This stain is a beautiful red. Why can’t we get flowers to do the same? Each flower in the garden brings a unique color. Even if they are two flowers from the same plant, neither of them are alike. One can be a little more redder than the other, while another can have a tinge of yellow. An open canvas.

Experimenting with Natural Dyes

One of the easiest flowers to start flower dyeing are the pansies, which so happen to be one of my favorite flowers.

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 7.27.46 PM

It’s all in the technique and there are certain steps you need to take to get there. First off, you need pansies (or any flower you want the imprint from).


Then tap the flowers on the surface you want to dye. I wanted to make a bag so I got a plain fabric bag from the store. I also got a scarf to do next!

Tip: When taping don’t tape over other flowers! The flowers will then have tap marks in them.

Pansy with Tape NoFarmNeeded

After that, it’s hammer time! Uncork and release all of your bottled up anger and frustration. Hammering the flowers imprints the pigments on your fabric.

[wpvideo w84DlqYP]

Tip: Do not hammer too much! I thought I needed to get ALL of the dye out of the flower in one go. But this just misshapes your flower. In one pansy, I was able to use it’s dye four times.

Remove the tape and iron the flower pigments in. I put my iron on high and it seemed to work well.

Finally, view your masterpiece. Mix and match flower shapes, heck add leaves. Be as creative as possible! Don’t just stain t-shirts, bags, and scarves by accident. Show the world what’s in your garden by eco-dyeing. It’s the way of the future!


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  1. Sally says:

    What a great idea! I am trying it this year with my garden flowers! Can you try other flowers throughout the summer and let us know which work?

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