Cabbage, Cabbage, Everywhere

….and all of it to eat.


Honestly, if I could choose a vegetable to eat every day it would be this leafy green. Boiled, plain, or in a salad, I enjoy the taste. Which even surprised me why this is my first year planting cabbage.

Cabbage NFN 2.jpg

First year? … Yeah, I came a little late on that bandwagon.

If I had to recommend a vegetable for both containers and in the ground, cabbage fits into most pots and is a great starting veggie in your garden.

This year I used both a generic cabbage seed and AAS Cabbage Katarina. Both of these varieties taste very similar to your store bought cabbage. The only difference is that you have to wash off your leaves before use (unless you like the taste of soil).

AAS Cabbage Katarina I would highly recommend for container pots because this cabbage is specifically grown for small areas where the head is perfect for one to two people. I grew it in many of my pots this year.

I started my cabbage in overwinter sewings (post coming soon) and then planted these younglings yearly spring.

When the plants grew during June, I really didn’t know when the cabbage was ready. So, the first cabbage I boiled hadn’t even grown a head yet.

… Though it still tasted good.

For cabbage heads to fully develop, I would wait till yearly July to pick.

Fun Fact: Cut the heads off with a knife and leave the roots in the grown. This will allow off shoots of cabbage heads to produce without starting a new plant. You can make more cabbage from one root!

Cabbage NFN.jpg

Now in July,  I have cabbage galore and I am loving every second of it. 


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