Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet for a Lasting Keepsake

Pressing Wedding Flowers - Wedding Bouquet
Saying Forever with Flowers More than just something to keep a bride's hands busy when she walks down the aisle, the bouquet ties all of a wedding's design and decor together. It’s a focal point and one of the first peeks guests get into a celebration. The practice of brides carrying bouquets dates to antiquity. [...]

The Language of Flowers – Decoding Their Secret Meaning

language of flowers, flower meaning
The Language of Flowers Understanding Flowers Secret Meaning Everyone is touched by flowers. You can't help but smile at their joyful blooms. Did you know that there is a subtle secret meaning each flower exudes? Almost as if each flower has their own language, waiting to be spoken by you. Throughout the centuries, many cultures [...]

Pressed Botanicals for Unique Holiday Gifts

Pressed Botanical Holiday Gift Ideas
Holiday Gift Ideas Bring the outdoors in this Holiday season by giving Pressed Botanical Designs & Houseplant Gifts! Our Top 5 best gifts to give this Holiday season will make your spaces brighter and more beautiful... and with just a hint of Grandmillennial Design. It's time to end this year on a high note! “Grandmillennial” [...]

Drying Flowers with Silica Gel – Step by Step Instructions

drying with silica gel logo
Drying Flowers with Silica Gel, a simple technqiue to get your flowers dry in as little as three days. The Art of Drying Flower Bouquets In the summer, my life revolves around the garden. During this time I spend my days with two feet in the soil and a cup of Darjeeling tea in hand. [...]