A Beet Avalanche

Alright guys here’s the thing,

Most of the time I’m not a fan of beets. To me, they are just very beet-y, if you know what I meant

But Avalanche Beet has a taste . . .  that is all it’s own.

Avalanche Beet = beet + sweetness – dirty taste

Today my beet was  beet-ing it up. It’s a word, trust me….. Most likely beeting up the soil it’s in and making its home.

I planted this AAS Avalanche Beet in June and it’s been flourishing every since. Seriously, I pick this thing out of my garden and eat it like an apple.

An apple! (I can never understand how people can eat tomatoes this way).

This vegetable is a great starter plant because all you have to do is water it, leave it in full sun and watch it grow. When the beet pokes out of the grown you’ll know it’s ready.

If your not sure if this is right for you, just plant a bag. Next summer you will be putting this vegetable is salads, soups, or eatin’ it plain. I eat it raw and want to know if  anyone has other beet recipes?

I’m willing to try your homemade concoctions!


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