The Low-Down on the SCOBY

Scoby NoFarmNeeded

What’s in the name, for that in which we call a … SCOBY.

My definition of a SCOBY:  a disk of bacteria that ferments tea

Essentially, a SCOBY a mat of bacteria and yeast tied together through cellulose nanofibers. It is a mother ship to millions of microorganisms, all working together to support their continued existence

Where do I Get One?

Most of the time, you know someone. Like the age old saying, I know someone, who know someone, who has a cousin, who owns a SCOBY. Ask. What’s the worst that can happen? They will look at you crazy? Think your nuts? Pssshhhh (they already do.)

If not follow these criteria below to buy online,

  • Is an experienced kombucha brewer with accurate information
  • Provides detailed instructions throughout the process
  • Regularly ships or provides large SCOBY’s, as least 5 inches
  • Does not recommend refrigeration cultures.


Scoby Universe NoFarmNeeded
Look at how pearly white it is.


The SCOBY Hotel

Eventually, you’ll make so much Kombucha that your SCOBY will produce a plethora of babies. Create the Scoby hotel to house them. Get a glass container and 2 cups of starter kombucha. House them together and keep them warm.


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